Why Choose WordPress?

Building a website can be a complicated task, even for experienced designers – and the aim is to make sure that the completed product is fit for whatever purpose it is designed for, whether that being to showcase your products or services or being a fully fledged ecommerce platform.

What actually is WordPress?

There are effectively two different types of WordPress, and this is one of the biggest confusions as professional designers use a different version from the one that is accessible on the web.


WordPress.com is the online website builder, where you can log in, create a blog and pay a monthly subscription for the hosting and updates.

There are two plans available – Essential (basic functionality) for £60 per year or £180 per year for the Pro plan , both plans will also need domain registration and renewal @ £16 per year for a .co.uk domain.

The Pro plan is needed to install plugins.


The much preferred option amongst designers and developers. Building this website starts with setting up the application on a web host.

WordPress.org is an open source platform, meaning that it is free to download and use. Some designers may use a pre built theme, and others like me will build everything to a bespoke standard.

Reduced Cost

One of my main focusses as a Freelance Web Designer, is to be able to offer web presences to small businesses who do not have budgets in excess of £5,000 to build a website.

“Back in’t day” (I’m from Lancashire) the website design process started with a website designer, who would design the full scope of the project from the look of the site, to the functionality and the features that would be presented to the websites users. Obviously with this process, costs we’re extremely high because you’d be paying for double the time, as you’d be paying 2 people.

In the more modern world, where everything has advanced, it is a much simpler process. You pay a website designer who will design and build the website for you – thus saving on countless hours of coding required. This is all thanks to the CMS having all the needed functions already created – all the web designer has to do is configure them – and make them look pretty.

Turnaround Time

Patience. Unfortunately this is something that has been phased out of us as humans due to the technologies we have available, and the large corporates competing to secure our business.

Before WordPress, a simple brochure website may have taken months to create, which is far too long to be waiting to get your business found online. People want results, and they want them yesterday. WordPress allows designers to create a fully functioning website in a week if using a pre-set theme.

The evolution of the WordPress platform means that designers like me are able to create premium websites in little to no time at all.

Updates & Security

Everything changes. Everything is constantly evolving, it’s hard to even keep up nowadays.

Creating a website in WordPress is extremely beneficial for this, as wordpress.org regularly release updates – keeping your website up to date with PHP and CSS versions whilst also keeping your website secure.

There are also plugins that offer more in depth security of your website – from spam protection, to in depth scanning for attacks and vulnerabilities.

Plugins Mean Full Control

Customisability is everything. Plugins allow us to pick and choose features to include on the website. At this moment there are over 55,000 plugins created for the WordPress platform, allowing whoever builds your website complete control over how your website looks and performs.

From adding in social media feeds, to allowing customers to book your products or services – the possibilities are endless.

WordPress all the way!

I speak for all developers when I say that WordPress is an absolute blessing when it comes to building websites. From my days of studying HTML and PHP, when building websites was a chore – I can say that WordPress makes it fun and worthwhile.

With over 43% of all websites on the internet being built in WordPress – it goes to show that it really is worth using.

If you’re looking for someone to design and build a website in WordPress, come and have a chat with me to see how I can help.

Want a rough idea of how much it will cost before we chat? You can always use my cost calculator first!

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