What Is SEO? And Why Do I Need It?

That initialism that gives all small business owners a headache. SEO. 

But what actually is it? How can you implement and maintain it easily? How can it benefit your business? I’ve got all the answers – all you need to do is read on. 

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. The main aim is to increase your website’s discoverability on organic search engine sites like Google and Bing, elevating your presence online and allowing you to generate (and convert!) more leads IRL. 

Its therefore an essential part of not only website development, but your business’ growth on the whole – if you’re not being found, you’re not making sales, and if you’re not making sales, you’re not growing. 

The common misconception with SEO is that it’s all about stuffing pages with as many keywords as possible. Yes, keywords are important as they pull in users that are actively searching for the services you offer, resulting in higher quality leads. 

But in reality, SEO is so much more than that. It focuses on every element of the user experience, from site speed and mobile friendliness to the content of your pages and interactivity – targeting both an active and passive internet user. 

Sharpening up these parts of your website is imperative to attracting more leads to your website and keeping them there. Did you know climbing to the top position on Google and almost double your click-through rate? (https://www.smartinsights.com/search-engine-optimisation-seo/seo-analytics/comparison-of-google-clickthrough-rates-by-position/) 

So, instead of investing in sponsored social media posts or traditional print adverts, taking the time to understand the basics of SEO and implementing positive improvements is more likely to lead to greater long-term benefits for your business. 

That goes for every type of business owner. Be it a sole trader, small to medium enterprise or a national business – an e-commerce site selling at-home pizzas or a brochure-style site for a boutique hotel – every company has a website that houses their key information. This needs to be easily found and optimised effectively. 

While improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website might sound scary, SEO is more accessible than you think, especially when you’ve got a qualified professional doing it for you. 

That’s where my freelance seo services come into play. 

The world of SEO is constantly evolving. Your a busy business owner – you don’t have time to be checking google trends and keeping an eye on the algorithm updates. 

Enlisting the help of an SEO professional will mean you can concentrate on your day to day tasks in the knowledge that your online presence is growing by the minute, all in correspondence with the ever-changing landscape. 

Not only does JK Computing specialise in SEO implementation and maintenance, but I complement this with a wealth of other website services that make your site as secure and high-performing as possible. 

Security breaches are common in this digital landscape. Having your website hacked or compromised is hugely detrimental both to your immediate and longterm reputation – it can be de-listed by google all together, and generate warning messages when users try to enter your website. 

I can protect your domain by carrying out regular security checks and Plugin updates to keep the site secure, making it less likely to be hacked and perform at a faster speed. 

Also, more than half of global internet users are on mobile – so having a website that looks as good and performs as well on mobile as it does on desktop, is vital. My website design services encompass both, producing an effective design to create an impact on all devices.

The result? A secure, fast website that looks good and ranks high. Get in touch now to take control of your online presence with JK Computing.