Website Design For Sole traders

As a freelancer, I know how bloody difficult it is to run a business single handedly. It ain’t easy.

You’ve got so much to think about, people don’t realise how much more you have to do working for yourself, as opposed to working under that nice “company” umbrella where work stops at 5pm.

A website design is personal, so whats better than to get someone who understands self employed businesses to build it for you.

Monthly Payments

I build high quality websites, at a low cost – as part of my wider aim to support small businesses.

As part of my goal to get as many small businesses online, I conducted some research into why so many sole traders were not investing in websites to market themselves. I’m sure you can already guess why. The price.

Unlike most designers, I don’t charge £800+ for a website with basic features, nonetheless I know that even £400 can be tricky to shell out in one go, especially if you’re not sure it’s what you need.

With packages starting as low as £35 per month with no additional upfront or yearly costs, it kinda is silly that you’re not already on the phone with me.

What you get

Okay, you’re interested! Now you want to know exactly what you’re going to get right?

On-Site SEO

Included in the cost is you’re on site Search Engine Optimisation. This means that from the day the site is published, you’ll be slowly climbing the ranks for your local service area.

Whilst this does not completely cover SEO, it certainly makes a dent.

If you want to add on the full works, you can add it as an option.

Domain Name

Yep, this is also included at no extra cost. 

Your domain name is what points to your website such as

Email Address

Are you still really using C’mon, get to the times… please!

Along with your domain registration, you get a business email address included. e.g

Web Hosting

A host is the server that keeps your website online. 

I host all of my websites with SiteGround – one of the leading hosts for websites built in WordPress. If you looked to host the website yourself, with SiteGround this would set you back £172.65 per year once VAT has been added.

Discounted Maintenance

I offer website maintenance at low prices, but if you’re a sole trader you get an absolute steal.

For an additional £10 per month, you can subscribe to my Advanced Maintenance Package.


I get you, you’re bored now right? You just want to get started. Build your package below, and I’ll be in touch with you soon to discuss this further.

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