How Much Does a website Cost in 2021?

When the time comes for you to look at creating a website for you business, the first thing that you look at is the cost. There are many factors to consider when calculating the cost; and they are very important. There’s no gain to underspending on a site to result in a product that doesn’t work for you.

Who is building your site?

Whilst you may think that this is irrelevant; it’s not. If you’re looking to use a free online website builder such as Wix, or GoDaddy – then the labour costs are only your time, which varies on how valuable your time is.

For example, a web design agency may charge you £5000 for a static 5 page website, because they have to factor in the wages for a team of designers, the overheads, plus the tools they use before they even factor in profit; whereas a freelance web designer would be able to produce the same product for much less – because they’re only paying for one persons time.

You also need to factor in the experience level of the designer(s) too. The experience behind the designer often means they can increase their prices due to the fact that they can market themselves as having more knowledge and skills – which logically they do.

Different types of websites

There are three main “types” of websites that web designers will advertise. You have your simple static (often referred to as a “brochure”) which only displays information to the user through a series of web pages.

Then you have CMS (Content Management Systems) which for example would allow you to log into the backend of the site to manage pages, create blog posts/products and amend the design much more easily.

You then have ecommerce websites, which are mostly created using a CMS. eCommerce websites are usually more expensive due to the fact that it has a lot more pages (each product) an may take considerably longer to create.

How Long Does It Take?

In general, the type of website that you go with has a great impact on the time it takes to create.

Brochure websites usually take 2-3 weeks, whilst CMS websites take 4-6, and eCommerce websites could take between 4-20 weeks depend on the size.

Why not just build it myself?

Building a website yourself may be a great idea if you’re just starting out and want to test the waters, but when you’re predicting to have a good number of visitors, then I would strongly recommend against it, you can see why in my article about free website builders.

In the article I talk about why free website builders are a bad idea, but focusing around one point. When it comes to building a website using a free website builder, you also need to factor in other non-direct costs.

It’s Time Consuming

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, you need to calculate how valuable your time is. If you’ve not fully set up your business, and have a fair bit of time on your hands, then it would be cost effective, because you don’t have to stray away from other commitments; but, when you’re already extremely busy running a business, you may have to drop other tasks to do so which may incur more losses that it would have cost to hire a designer.

It’s a learning curve

How much experience do you have building a website? If you haven’t done this properly before, it’s going to be even more time consuming whilst you dedicate time to learn about the site builder you have chosen. You may not be able to produce the same user experience as a professional web designer.

I need a designer

Hopefully upon reading this, you’ll have that final push to hire a designer! I build websites starting at £249, however please get in touch for a quote based on your specific needs!

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