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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

This all depends on your needed features and requirements.

I build websites starting from £349 for a brochure website (just text and images and a basic contact us form).

If you’re looking for more features, this will build onto the price, as additional plugins maybe needed, and the time it takes to build them into the look and feel of the website.

If you’re looking for an estimated price, I would suggest using my cost calculator – this should give you a rough guide, but the price may change when we chat about your requirements in more detail.

Are there ongoing charges once my website is built?

In simple terms, yes.


The necessary charges are the hosting and domain name renewal. I charge £80 per year to host your website with SiteGround – one of the leading hosts for WordPress websites.


Depending on the plugins that are used for the website, you may also need to pay a yearly fee for updates for those. If you’re subscribed to one of my maintenance packages, most of them will be covered. Any recurring costs will be explained to you before starting the website build.

What if I need to make changes to my website?

As your business develops, your website will surely need updates made now and then.


If I build your website, I always allow clients to send over quick changes (up to 30 mins a month) within their first year.


If you require changes to be made more than this, or after your first year, then I charge an hourly fee of £24. I charge a minimum of an hour.


If you feel that you may need to make changes regularly, I would suggest subscribing to my Advanced Maintenance Package. This covers up to 1hr of changes to your website per month, whilst also keeping it updates, spam free and secure.

Do I need to subscribe to a maintenance package?

There is absolutely no pressure, however I would recommend this.


A maintenance package gives you that peace of mind that if anything ever happens to your website, that it will be sorted out ASAP. It’s kinda like having insurance!


I don’t charge a lot for maintaining your website, just enough to cover the cost of additional plugins, and a double chocolate chip frappuccino from starbucks every month whilst I’m working on your site!