About Me

Welcome to JK Computing

Who Am I?

Other than a kid with a laptop, I’m a young chap with a very technical mind. I’m always eager to learn new things. 

I’m [age] years old, so I bring both a fresh mind to the mix. 

The world of technology has always fascinated me, I started learning to code as a way to pass my free time during high school, learning the basics in python, html and CSS.

After high school, I studied a level 3 qualification in IT which helped build on my skills in HTML and CSS. I really found my love for the language. 

During my time at college, I started the idea of becoming a web designer/builder. I didn’t know where to start. I found work for a small design agency based in Blackburn, UK – that’s when I met WordPress. At first I was confused, but after a few weeks it was my new best friend. Ever since then I’ve built on WordPress and it’s helped me establish my goals as a web designer.

It took me a while to start my own gig, the temporary role at the agency came to an end and knew that this was what I wanted to do. I spent a couple of months thinking about how to get it started.

In the first lockdown of 2020, I was furloughed from my full time job and I grabbed the opportunity to really get started. I offered out some free websites to build both a portfolio and my experience with WordPress further. 

In December 2021 I received my first paying client. I was thrilled.

Since then, I’ve gained several clients across the UK and I’ve had some great feedback from them.

Why Choose Me?

There are many qualities you may look for in a web designer; after all, they are going to create the biggest tool to represent your brand.

Starting with the one we all like to hear: I’m Affordable

I don’t believe in making clients pay big money for a site that can cost much less.

Without compromising on quality, you can come away with the piece of mind that you’re website is in safe hands and represents you well.

It’s important to know  what you’re doing when it comes do designing a website. There’s just so much, from visual layout, to the content, SEO, structure and then the rest.

I like a challenge, as I build up a client base, I learn new things. With each client I’ve learnt how to do something new, or improve myself further.

I take a lot of time to improve my knowledge when I’m not working on projects, and by now I have a pretty good understanding of the WordPress platform, marketing tools, and other tools to help improve online revenue.

Rather than take your money, build you a site and chuck you away, I prefer to build relationships with my clients that last a lot longer than the projects themselves.

I would like to think that whenever you have an issue or a question, you come straight back to me!

Long lasting relationships benefit both of us, for you it means that you know that when I’m working on your site in the future, you’ve already got the trust that I’m going to do a great job.

You don’t want a designer that going to take months to even start working on your website. I’m honest with people when I get new enquiry’s, and if I’ve got lots to do I will always be up front about it.

At the end of the day I want to be on the same level as my clients, and I don’t want to set any expectations that can’t be met.

I never work at full capacity, so there’s always room for my existing clients if they need work doing, which is always actioned by the end of day – no waiting for weeks like you potentially would elsewhere.

Unlike larger agencies where different people are dedicated to different tasks, you’ll just be dealing with me. This results in less miscommunication and a more personal touch to your site as we build our relationship.